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  • All material published on the platform will remain property and responsability of the individual user. BizProject is only allowed to use the material for promotional, marketing, development, research, security and legal purposes, under the terms and conditions as provided by the applicable laws.
  • The posts inserted are available to the community, if shared outside the Platform (also by other users) may be subject to indexing by search engines and become publicly visible.
  • Each user is given the opportunity to manage the visibility of their personal information and content, which may be posted in different forms, from “private” (only me) to “public” (publicly visible on the web).

Regulations on Collected Data – Information collected and its use
Direct – Information directly provided by users.

Obligatory Data

When subscribing and in order to use our services, the following is required: First name, name, email address.

Optional Data

Users may also communicate: C.V., place of birth, schools attended, diplomas, address and other data which may vary according to the type of user.

  • By default, personal information (email address, curriculum vitae, address, job position etc.) is only visible to registered users, but in order to increase visibility, users have the possibility (through a specific flag) to make them publicly visible and indexable by search engines.
  • In case BizProject has to verify a user’s real identity, a mobile phone number could be demanded, such number would only be visible by technical and administrative management.
    Should you wish to access to the payable services on BizProject, additional data will be required to allow the Team to finalize the relevant contracts / agreements / invoices.
  • If problems linked to security occur, BizProject retains the right to request, at any moment, additional forms of data, which will also only be visible by technical and administrative management.

We also collect data through cookies and similar technologies.
We use cookies and other technologies (pixels, ad tags etc.) to collect data (device IDs etc.) in order to recognize the users and the devices used to interact with our platforms.
We also allow certain third parties to use cookies, as described in our Cookie Policy. We may also rely on other parties to collect device information about external data and usage of our services (e.g., ad ID, IP address, operating system, and browser information) to improve our services.

Indirect – Indirectly provided data, also by third parties.

We collect:

  • Data that people publish directly or indirectly, by using our related services: entertainment, travel, passions, hobbies, clothing, fashion, music, films, literature, sport, spare time, engineering, electronics, work, studies and other data related to users tastes and habits.

Collected Data Use


We use the information in our possession to protect BizProject user’s security.

Improving our Service

We use the data that we have collected thanks to our users to adapt and improve the offered service, in order to constantly upgrade our product.

Promotions and marketing

We use the data collected to publish promotions and advertisements that are related to our services, including ads that suit our user’s interests the most.

We do not collect and do not process:

Biometric, genetic, financial, sexual orientation, social, political, ethical, racial, religious, philosophical, legal, penal, union data.

Controlling Your Content and Personal Information

You have certain options for collecting, using, sharing, correcting, and deleting personal data, including the visibility of your content, that you can access independently or through our intervention.

Visibility of content and personal data

You can decide in total autonomy the level of visibility of your content and personal data, which may be posted in different forms, from “private” (only me) to “public” (publicly visible on the web)

Deletion of personal data

You can delete almost all personal data independently or through our support

Modification or correction of personal data

You can modify some personal data independently or through our support

Nonacceptance or restriction to the use of personal data

You can ask not to use part of your personal data and to limit the use we make of them by writing (but only after the applicant has proved his/her identity) to : privacy@bizproject.world

Request of a copy or deletion of data

You can request a copy or deletion of the data we hold on you (if these are available) by writing (but only after the applicant has proved his/her identity) to: privacy@bizproject.world

Third Party Services and providers

  • The services offered through BizProject’s platforms are provided exclusively by highly skilled and qualified local professionals who meet the requirements necessary to practice their profession in the relevant country.
  •  These professionals are not employees of BizProject, and by accessing these services, you consent to the transfer of your personal data to third parties.
  • BizProject also employs other third-party services in order to improve and secure our services.

For maintenance, testing, development, security, marketing and payment purposes, we allow partial access to the personal data necessary to perform these activities on our behalf.

  • All of these third parties are bound by a duty of confidentiality and an obligation of nondisclosure or not use the data provided for any other purpose.


We use the best security systems available to protect your data, such as the HTTPS protocol, and we constantly monitor our systems to make them as secure as possible.
We apply management and technical controls that comply with the latest standards but despite this, there is no absolute guarantee that due to external attacks or breaches of your account there will be a partial or total loss of your data, therefore, we recommend that you make regular backups of your data.

Account closure and content deletion

By closing an account on a BizProject platform your personal data will no longer be visible (even to third parties) normally within 24 hours.
We will delete the information within 30 days of its closure, except as noted below.

  • We may retain some personal data even after an account is closed if it is necessary to fulfil our legal obligations such as: regulatory requirements; litigation; security.
  • If an account is terminated due to a violation of our terms and conditions or for other general security reasons, we will retain the relevant data to prevent future violations.
  • All information and content shared through the platforms with other users (private messages, posts and content) will continue to be visible, as we do not control or intervene on third party profiles (other members with whom they have been shared) than those who have requested it.
  • All content that has been made public (even by other users) will continue to be visible as well as the content that can be found on search engines for a time not attributable to our will.

Owner and Data Controller


Grey London Group Limited
207 Regent Street
Company Number 13096772


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files with pieces of data, that are used to identify your computer as you use a network.
Cookies known as HTTP cookies are used to identify specific users and improve your web experience.
Data stored in a cookie is created by the server upon your connection. This data is labeled with an ID unique to your computer.
When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the server, the server reads the ID and knows what information to serve to you.

Extended rules on Cookies Policy

We use cookies to make our site easier and more intuitive. The data collected thanks to the cookies are needed to make the experience of navigation more pleasant and efficient in the future.
Here are the types of cookies that we used:

  • Technical cookies (They are used to improve the functionality of the platform)
  • First-party cookies (Are directly created by the website you are using)
  • Persistent cookies (Will be read when you return to one of our sites)
  • Session cookies (Only last as long as the session is active)
  • Third-party cookies (They are generated by websites other than the web pages you are browsing and are linked to ads on that page)

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