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BizProject is an international project for the creation of a solid network of web portals able to provide, through qualified local professionals, multiple useful services for those who are interested in moving to or establishing professional and working activities in a specific territory.
Each BizProject portal refers to a specific geographical area considered of strong interest, and it allows individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to interact with each other through a single account and login.
If you are interested in moving, creating a business or simply establishing new professional relationships with those who, like you, share an interest in a specific territory, BizProject platforms represent the latest evolution of online services.

If you are a professional, a company an associated firm or a family office and you deal with services, real estate, yachting or tourism and you wanting to expand your market, you can immediately start developing your business by managing a Biz portal.

The BizProject platforms are aimed exclusively at a B2B and B2C audience, which is why we have created a distraction-free working tool!

There are no Likes, no Followers, and above all, there is no algorithm that decides what is appropriate for you to see.

Our platforms are designed to help you achieve a goal.

We voluntarily exclude the superfluous to give space to local services, private relationships and to the formation of thematic groups that allow the users to focus on common needs and shared interests.

We want our users to have access to targeted information and, above all, we want this information to be easy to find in order to optimise the result.

You don’t need followers and likes to close a deal, you just need to connect two people who share the same interest.

Make your profile, file or CV indexable

This operation is very important and takes advantage of search engine indexing to increase your visibility in the territories reached by the BizProject.

  1. Top right drop-down menu:
  2. Profile Setting;
  3. Profile Information Fields;
  4. Base;
  5. Change;
  6. Everyone;
  7. Save Changes.
Join or create a thematic group

Groups are an excellent means of thematic communication, and BizProject platforms are designed to emphasise this tool.

Our Business Network model intentionally does not have an algorithm that manages the content posted, our users are free to view as much information as they wish in the way that suits them best.

  • Create a Group:
    1. Community;
    2. All Groups;
    3. Create a Group
  • Join Groups:
    1. Community;
    2. All Groups;
    3. Join Groups.
A useful tip: complete your profile information

A complete profile helps to improve visibility and build new relationships.

  1. Top right drop-down menu:
  2. Profile Setting;
  3. Profile Information Fields;
  4. Base;
  5. Enter the desired information;
  6. Save Changes.

Biz Dubai is a BizProject platform, the place to be for individuals, professionals and companies that are interested in Dubai. An exclusive business network where you can discuss business, with the support of highly qualified professionals ready to introduce you to the following services in the area:

  1. Art Management & Consulting
  2. Home Service & Conciergerie
  3. Wealth Management & Administration
  4. Trust, Estate Planning and Tax Consulting
  5. Legal & Compliance assistance
  6. Administrative and Corporate services
  7. Tax consulting
  8. Business consulting
  9. Relocation abroad
  10. Real estate
  11. Off market real estate
  12. Interior design
  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneurs and companies
  • Civil companies and other business entities
  • Start-ups

Biz Dubai is meant for those who are interested in building business relationships, discussing business and promoting and advertising their businesses.

Yes! There are no registration costs, BizDubai is completely free.

Biz Dubai is a valuable tool for those who want to discover Dubai with the help of a business network for sharing businesses. The tool gives you access to a number of important services in Dubai.

Dubai is an important global business centre. You can use Biz Dubai to promote your business and draw substantial benefits from it.

The services offered through BizProject’s platforms are provided exclusively by highly skilled and qualified professionals who meet the requirements necessary to practice their profession in the relevant country.

All services are provided by professionals who are not part of the Grey London Group LTD.

The art sector requires specific skills that cannot be improvised. Whether you are buying or selling a work of art, or planning a project to build a prestigious collection, our partners and consultants in art management and art consulting are there to provide comprehensive support thanks to their training and many years of experience.

Thanks to highly qualified local professionals, we are able to facilitate transfers and accommodation in Dubai for individuals, couples and families, through ad hoc services designed to meet the needs of a highly demanding clientele.
Specialised in relations with High Net Worth Individuals and, more generally, with those who require dedicated assistance for their relocation, professionals are able to meet all your needs.

Our local business partners  are available to help you define the right investment strategy. Specialised in the tracking and administration of your assets, they will advise you on the best banking institutions in Dubai and the best tailor-made solutions to protect your wealth.

With the aim of protecting and enhancing your wealth, our local business partners will be able to assist you in planning the transfer of your assets to future generations. They are highly specialised in managing your current intentions and benefits while respecting your personal, family and work needs.

The best local professionals selected for the network users are able to support you in supervising, managing and legally complying with Dubai’s corporate obligations.

BizProject, thanks to the collaboration of the best local professionals, offers companies complete assistance for administrative management, accounting and all the corporate aspects, working with absolute professionalism, availability and confidentiality.

With the support of local financial advisors specially selected for the platform users, you can identify, plan and implement the best tax strategy in full compliance with local and international regulations.

Our business partners work every day to support companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs with specific interests to enter and position themselves optimally within Dubai market, thanks to a continuous business consulting service through all the phases of the business project development.
Only the best professionals in Dubai will be able to show you the right way to enter this unique market, which offers countless economic advantages and many difficulties for those who approach it superficially.

Globalization has paved the way for new business and life scenarios.
We are able to support you in the relocation of your business and family in Dubai.

Our local business partners will support you in every step to simplify your transfer with a service that will take care of everything you need, both at fiscal and administrative level, and at personal one.

Dubai is one of the most exclusive places you could wish to move to.
Local real estate experts, with their knowledge of the area, are able to support you in the purchase and sale of prestige real estates. They can offer you an exclusive advisory service to help you choose the best solution for your buying and selling needs in the complicated Dubai market.

There are real estate assets that need to be purchased or sold in the utmost reserve.
Thanks to our business partners we are able to provide full assistance in both the purchase and sale of your real estate while always respecting your privacy. We treat highly prestigious properties strictly off market thus ensuring discretion and confidentiality in negotiations.

Furnishing a house is like buying a tailor-made suit created especially for you.
Our business partners are professionals able to transform the desires and dreams of highly demanding customers into reality. The exclusive interior design service with tailor-made solutions will guarantee you to obtain exclusive living performances that will reflect your personality, just like a sartorial suit represents your essence.

The services have different costs, depending on the complexity of the request. Please contact our Business Development office for price quotations or more information: team@bizdubai.biz

Yes! It is possible to promote activities and products that comply with our guidelines for free.

Yes! You can increase your visibility on BizDubai by using paid advertising space. Please contact our Business Development office for more information: team@bizdubai.biz

Individuals, businesses, associations, organizations and institutions of any sector and nationality can subscribe for free.

Subscription and use of Biz Dubai is allowed from the age of sixteen.

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